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Customer Finding the Right Lender

Best Loan Terms,

Online Vehicle Purchasing,

Scientific Lender Matching,

Quick Approval & Disbursal.


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Digital Verification,

Credit Connection,

Reduced TAT,

Lower NPA.


Dealer Accelerated Turnover

Customer-Credit Sync,

Instant Credit Decision,

Maximized Approval Rate,

Quick Disbursal.

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Customer - Vehicle Match

The Customer and the Vehicle is verified digitally and the Kuwy Loan matching algorithm suggests the Best lender basis the customer profile crawling over 30M Loan Performance data.

Credit Decision Engine

Kuwy's advanced Credit decision engine for auto loans works in harmony with the latest technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Machine vision systems

Sameday Disbursal

Powered by Kuwy's end to end technology enabled systems, disbursal TAT for Lenders has now improved multiple folds across Banks, NBFCs and Private Lenders. Customers now drive home their dream car on the same day.

Title Transfer

With Kuwy Documentation support, Lenders now have a hassle free Loan book with title transfer clearance prior to disbursal. Active support on the Title and Insurance transfer is ensured within 15 days from Loan Disbursal.

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